5 Surprising Secrets of Designing Custom Car Stickers

Car stickers are only silly tools that kids enjoy right? Wrong. Many marketers don’t know this. But, custom-printed car stickers are one of the most powerful marketing tools of all time. The brands that know how to use car stickers appropriately, generate millions of impressions every month just from their stickers.

Their secret? Mobile marketing. According to a recent study, only 1 in 3 car buyers knows what vehicle model they want to purchase. Most of these people spend many hours every week looking at different cars on the road. If they see a car covered with well-designed stickers – it will certainly grab their attention.

Car stickers are great at attracting public attention. But, attention doesn’t equal revenue for businesses. Savvy business owners design their custom car stickers in special ways. These techniques convert these stickers from mere decorations into lead-generating machines. Here are 5 surprising secrets of designing high-quality car stickers –

1. Simplicity – The Biggest Secret

What will catch an average pedestrian or driver’s eyes? Stickers that feature a lot of graphics and a lot of text, right? Wrong. Stickers with too many graphics or too much information do catch the eyes of pedestrians and drivers. But, they don’t register in their minds. The stickers that do register and make solid impressions usually have simple designs.

Want your target customers to read your sticker’s content? Want them to appreciate the stickers’ designs? Then, make the designs simple, straightforward, and easy to digest. One logo, a few high-definition graphics, and a few lines of bold, easy-to-read text. Don’t add any more design elements to your stickers.

2. Give Instructions to Target Customers

You can only add a few lines of text to your custom stickers. Adding too many details will make them unreadable or hard to look at. So, use the little text space you get to share critical information with your target customers. Where can they contact your brand? What website should they visit? Pack your car stickers with these critical pieces of information.

3. Apply Color Theory

Applying color theory in your car sticker marketing campaigns isn’t as hard as it sounds. You simply need to ensure that the background colors of your car stickers don’t strike with the car’s color. The two colors should complement and enhance each other – not cancel each other out.

4. Viewable from Far

Once you install your car stickers on your car, look at them from a distance. Can you view the stickers’ graphics clearly from 12 feet away? Can you read and understand the messages on the stickers from 20 feet away? If not, don’t expect your target customers to view or understand your stickers either.

5. Optimize Your Car’s Advertising Space

Typically, brand leaders attach their car stickers to their car windows or bumpers. But, why stop there? The doors, the car’s backside, and the car’s sides have a lot of free space. Add more stickers to these regions of your car.

Use these five secret sticker design tricks to make your sticker-covered cars stand out on crowded roads!

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