Baccarat Casino Guide – How to Acquire the Mini Medal

If you’re stuck in a rut, you can always refer to this 02. Baccarat casino guide to get you through the game. You’ll learn how to acquire the Mini Medal and get the Yggdrasil Leaf, as well as other important items. It also gives you tips on how to complete the re-opening quest, and you’ll get to play as a pro at the same time! The PTGAME24 is the best number one บาคาร่าออนไลน์   website.

Mini Medal

The Mini Medal is located in the cabinet in the southern part of town. You can also find it in the barrel by the outbuilding. To access the บาคาร่า  proper, you need to find the Mini Medal #38. It is located southwest of Peregrin Quay, near the north entrance to Maella Abbey. The Mini Medal has a unique color to differentiate it from other pieces.

In the northwestern room of the castle, find the Waterweed Mold. It is also located on a crate. On the other hand, in the far-east room, find the guard’s quarters. Here, you’ll find the Mini Medal #52 in the cabinet. The farthest-east room has a throne room. The southwest room contains Charles. The room to the south has a chest that has the Mini Medal #54. The throne room has a cabinet in the southeast. The bedrooms on the second floor have the Seed of Strength and Elfin Elixir.


Don Mole is the next NPC to be encountered. He is on level three. He is in the southeast corner. In his chest are two pots that contain Mini Medal #30 and a Seed of Defense. There is also a chest in this room with a stone hardhat. In order to open it, you must use Quick save and No. Once you’ve unlocked the chest, you can enter the NPC’s house.

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