Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention: A Brief Guide

Having many customers is a desire by many businesses. Whether a SaaS company or an eCommerce business, you aim to enlarge your customer list and make more money. Customer acquisition and customer retention are some terms that are slightly connected to the fulfillment of the company’s desire to have many customers.       

This article will briefly discuss the terms of customer acquisition and customer retention and present the role of marketing and advertising in them. 

What is customer acquisition?

Customer acquisition refers to the efforts to acquire new customers. If you are selling products online, your customer acquisition will be the point when new people start buying items from your store. 

If you are a SaaS company and provide services to customers, then having an increased number of new subscriptions is what customer acquisition refers to. 

Advertising for faster results

Customer acquisition is easy when you organize advertising campaigns. Through advertising, you will get new customers a lot faster than organically. Your different teams and departments should work jointly to put together an advertising campaign that will justify the efforts and expenses.

To let them freely organize the ad campaigns to acquire new customers, provide coworking space software and ensure smooth collaboration and communication between your teams. Although advertising in traditional or digital forms is expensive, it is the fastest way to reach your goal of acquiring new customers. 

What is customer retention?

Compared to customer acquisition, customer retention does not refer to getting new customers. The aim of customer retention is to keep the existing customers loyal or win the customers back who have ceased to cooperate or make purchases from you for a while. 

The term means to bring back the customers – the ones who at least once made a purchase or subscribed to your services. Of course, customer retention requires time and a lot of effort. 

Customer retention also relies on a full understanding of the importance of customer service since, without it, customer retention would be nearly impossible. 

Marketing for long-term results

As part of a customer retention plan, many businesses choose to apply marketing strategies for long-term results. This is explained by the fact that recovering trust, building bonds, and triggering emotions require time and cannot be obtained with ad placements. Therefore, marketing is the main accepted path toward customer retention. It also ensures long-term results compared to advertising nurtures. 

So, for customer retention, marketers apply several tactics and techniques to grab the attention of their customers and turn them into loyal customers. You can create engaging content on social media and engage your customers. 

Check Splice review and create videos to raise positive emotions about your business and brand. Customers being reminded of your business and having positive and joyful memories are more likely to return and make purchases from you. This is generally what customer retention is about. 


Customer acquisition is the art of getting new customers, while customer retention aims to win your old customers back. You can accomplish your goal of acquiring new customers with advertising, which also ensures fast results. 

To succeed in customer retention, think of implementing marketing strategies and recovering the connection with your customers to make them use your services or purchase from you again. 

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