Factors to consider when selecting a shade net

A shade net is a well-knitted fabric used in plantation farms to protect plants from direct sunlight, wind, or rain. They come in different sizes, colors, and densities, mainly called percentages. You can also use them on construction sites to prevent dust from reaching the area.

Since many people have ventured and dedicated their time to agriculture, using shade nets to construct a greenhouse has become popular. They can also be used in homesteads, especially ones along dusty and busy roads, to prevent dust from reaching the compound. This article will consider some factors when choosing the best shade net.

Sunlight reduction

When selecting a shade net, you should consider one that is dense to be able to reduce the amount of sunlight reflected on the plants. The shade that might work best for you is determined by the type of plants you grow and the quality of the material. If a cloth is very dense, there will be no need for an aluminized fabric.

Color of the net

The most common colors of a shade net are green and black. You can also find them in shades of blue, red, and white. The choice of color lies with you, the buyer, but you should also look for a cloth that will be a better ventilator for your preferred plants.

  1. Lettuce – A red-colored cloth works better for lettuce than other colored nets since the stem of the lettuce appears to have a larger diameter than in red cloth.
  2. Vegetables – A green clot is mainly used since it facilitates the faster growth of plants.


The quality of the cloth is essential as it determines the durability of that cloth. Quality can be determined by the density of the fabric and which brand or company made it. The quality of the material also determines the shade nets prices Kenya since the excellent quality cloth is quite expensive compared to a low-quality fabric.


When it comes to the purchase of a shade net, durability is a crucial determinant. You want to get cloth that will serve you for an extended period before replacing them. The quality of that cloth determines the durability of the fabric. Before purchasing, research the best type of cloth and the retailer that offers the best quality.

Size of the coverage area

You do not want to get cloth that is too small for your coverage area. Measuring your coverage area before purchasing your shade net is essential. It is better to get a longer fabric than a shorter one that will have you return to your retailer for another one. The cloth’s size also determines the fabric’s price as much as the type is concerned.


After combining all the other factors, the price of the shade net determines whether you are to purchase the shade net or not. The cost of the shade nets depends on the net’s quality, brand, density, size, and color. You should budget yourself before you acquire a shade net so that you can get your desired net.


Using a shade cloth above your plants can make a huge difference. Considering the above factors is very important since they’ll help you to purchase the right net for your plants. According to research, the cloth’s color affects the plants’ growth.

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