Great Quotes for a Stand out Press Release

When you write a press release, it is a smart idea to use impactful quotes. If you choose a release quote wisely, it has all the chances to help your brand stand out the market competition while launching new services/products.

Choosing unique and engaging quotes for press releases is not easy at all. You can’t jump write a quote in your press release, which has nothing to do with the news you share online. It is totally pointless to add quotes that don’t enhance the press release.

By inserting matching quotes, you increase the human angle to your text. Your readers will feel value and interest. They permit people to feel special and appreciate a personal approach. Making your press release a bit more emotional is a good thing to do.

Personalize Your Story

When you write a press release, it is essential to keep a dialogue with your readers. Your duty is to explain to them your story by using a matching quote. Such an approach gives excellent results, as it makes yourstory personalized and engaging to your readers.

Why Do You Want To Share Your Story?

Sometimes it is not easy to explain why you want to share your story with people. A brief and attention-grabbing quote can solve your problem. You will add a more intriguing angle and will boost people’s interest. We encourage you to add extra context and matching external elements to make it more realistic to the market niche. Remember that most journalists/bloggers/influencers are looking for such stories.

What Types of Quotes Can You Use for a PR Campaign?

The problem-solving quotes

You can insert a quote which is related to your issue you speak about in the press release. It is a good way to get in contact with journalists and potential business partners. Clients also will get interested as everybody wants to have a clue how to solve actual problems. Do not forget to include the details of how you succeeded to solve the issue and the real statistical numbers.

The emotional-evoking quotes

Emotions can increase engagement and grab people’s attention to your press release. Most people tend to respond to genuine emotions. So, you can use such emotional quotes to bring a human angle to your release story. When you share your experience/emotions, you trigger empathy from the future readers. We all value honesty, don’t we?

The quotes based on assessment

If you have carried a professional assessment, you can include some quotes. It will make the tone of your press release more friendly and personal. You will sound more legitimate and journalists will pay more attention to your press release, as your quote will help them visualize the story easier.

Using metaphor/analogue in quotes

If you want to sound creative and attract more attention, you can use figurative quotes that include metaphors or analogue. They help to deliver the true message and visualize the story. If you write for blogs, use this quote type without hesitation. Besides, readers like quotes with analogy or metaphor because they make the point easier to understand.

The inspiring quotes

If you add a couple of life-inspiring quotes to your next press release, you will humanize your release story and raise the empathy of your readers. It is essential to pick up the words consciously in order to impact your audience to the maximum. It is a good occasion to speak about your business achievements, universal subjects, and struggles. Such quotes will connect you with your audience and they will be motivated to try your services/products.


A matching quote can improve your press release a lot! Select quotes smartly to add extra value to the news you want to share with people. Just look for inspiration and do not feel shy to express yourself next time to write a professional press release for your marketing campaign.

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