Guide to Buying Good Towel Warmers

Not exactly an essential, but a towel warmer is a welcome addition to the household. The towel warmer is a must-have luxury if you live in an area with less airflow and sun. There are things you should know before buying a towel warmer. The article discusses things to know before setting out price hunting for a towel warmer.

Do you or your household members bathe regularly? If you do, then a towel warmer is just what you need. It is always a hassle to dry out towels. With towel warmers, the task becomes a breeze. The towels are for self-care, and the towels themselves require care.

Nobody wants their towels to smell with too much water staying retained in them. Also, no one likes the rough feel of a prolonged sun-dried towel. The towel becomes a prune and is rough like dry dates. To avoid all these mishaps with your towels, you should invest in a towel warmer.

What to look for

There are two things to look for in a towel warmer: the appearance and the installation of the device. The towel warmer is not a very high-end or sophisticated piece of equipment. It simply helps you dry your towel by heat while retaining its quality. So the only things that matter are the aesthetics and how easily it can be installed.


Towel warmers come in different shapes and sizes. You can buy a towel warmer that looks like some lab equipment, and you can also buy elegant towel racks which work like warmers with technological magic. Some warmers also come in bins and some in the form of mats which heat up.

When selecting a type of warmer, the most crucial part is that it should fit into your room’s overall aesthetics. Suppose it will stand out like a sore thumb, then better not buy that design. Towel warmer price in Kenya usually depends on aesthetics because their primary function is very similar. To charge more, companies make very creative and elegant designs.


There are two types of installations for towel warmers. The most intrusive and complicated is the fixed installation. The racks fall into that category. The fixed installations cost time and money, and you must think before putting them up.

The more accessible type of installation is the connect and use devices. These towel warmers are usually portable or, even if not mobile, don’t require drilling or fixing. The extensive ugly lab equipment like towel warmers fall in this category.

Nowadays, many other options are available in connect and use towel warmers. The design quality has improved a lot. The designs of the bins are very techno-looking and elegant-looking. These are more attractive and pleasing to have in your house. Commercial laundries and hotels mainly use giant bulky towel warmers.

Other Benefits

A towel warmer uses heat to dry the towels. These warmers can also help reduce the moisture in the room. The heat can make a room warmer, and a lack of humidity means better quality air. A good towel warmer will increase the room’s aesthetics and make your environment healthier and more pleasing.


It is always good to have variety in luxury products. A luxury product depends on your taste. Some might not like a design which you might adore fondly. The companies that make towel warmers have created something for people of all tastes.

Your choice for towel warmers falls into two categories: do you want a permanent fixture or something movable? Depending on your choice, you should look for the best product. The rest is upto which design you find aesthetically pleasing.

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