How To Keep Your Kids Strong Mentally & Physically

Kids who are strong mentally and physically are up to any challenge this world has to throw at them. Being mentally fit does not mean stifling their emotions and acting all rough & tough. Similarly, being physically fit does not mean when a kid jumping around the house without any hold. Physical activity in kids enables them to build and uphold healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Correspondingly, kids performing mental activity are more resilient and courageous enough to deal with any situation with sheer confidence.

Besides, various studies stated that only 1 in 4 kids gets the recommended 60 minutes of activity that move their body & mind in a day. When kids involve in physical activity daily, they tend to boost their self-esteem and improve academic performance, attention span, and behavior toward others. Also, when kids get involved in mental activity daily, the chances of depression, tension, stress, and anxiety diminish tenfold. There are many activities that can keep your kids strong mentally & physically. Following is the list of them:

Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument can keep your kids mentally and physically strong. A study revealed by Northwestern University stated that to gain the full benefit of cognitive abilities through music, kids do not need to only listen to it, but they have to be involved and stay engaged in the activity. It means only listening to the music is not enough to gain its maximum benefit, but it’s vital that they should play or engage themselves with the musical instrument to gain mindful abilities. When a kid starts playing a musical instrument, it works as a workout for the brain and eventually improves their memory power. Since kids won’t get to learn to play any instrument within a span of a day, the whole process teaches them patience and perseverance. It improves their coordination & maths skills and cognitive & reading skills. Some of the musical instruments that can help them strengthen their physical and mental capabilities are guitar, keyboard, tabla, and flute, among others.


Though art may not have a direct effect on apparent physical health, it does charm the mental well-being of a kid. Various studies have shown that kids participating in art-related activities have better academic performance, are more creative, have better imagination, and have more reasonable problem-solving skills. When kids engage in arts, it develops better motor skills, which helps them in capturing intricate detailing with ease, works as a stress reliever, and the activity helps in boosting their confidence. Art has the capability to keep your kids strong mentally and physically. There are many art forms where kids can enjoy their involvement. Some of them are sketching, painting, doodling, and more.


We all know how therapeutic dance can be. The same goes with the kids too. They make dancing their happy place, where they can express their emotions without judgment. Not only that, dance increases kids’ physical potency, flexibility, degree of motion, and stamina. When a kid does the dancing step on a regular basis, their constant movement improves body & mind coordination, muscle tone, posture, balance, and cardiovascular health. Dance constructs kids’ memory and coordination skills. It works as a stress reliever and helps in improving remembrance power. Also, dance has the ability to keep your kids strong mentally & physically. Some of the dance forms that can help kids are Bollywood, hip+hop, classical dance, and much more.


We all have heard how participating in sports activities from an early stage can bring numerous health benefits. Various studies state that playing or getting involved in sports activities can help improve kids’ mental and physical well-being. When kids play any sports, they start learning numerous life-changing principles. Such principles include engaging in a teamwork environment, taking initiative in any tasks, working on self-control, building & maintaining relationships with their teammates, coaches, or instructors, etc. There are many sports that can keep your kids strong mentally and physically, such as chess, cricket, badminton, and tennis, among others. 

Puzzle and Reasoning

You might have already heard at some stage that puzzles and reasoning are perhaps the best way to develop kids’ minds and cognitive abilities. Puzzles and reasoning are the best way to keep your kids strong mentally and physically. It helps them coordinate with the relationship between their hands & eyes. It teaches kids problem-solving skills by letting them use their minds and figure out complex situations by efficiently resolving them. Puzzles and reasoning strengthen kids’ memory power, logical reasoning, attention span, and shape recognition. The best puzzles and reasoning games can be board games and jigsaw.

Take Away:

Whether it is about playing a musical instrument, sports, making art, dancing, or solving a puzzle & reasoning, everything needs effort to accomplish the desired activity. While growing up, kids have the astounding power to learn things quickly compared to adults, who have a lot running in their minds. That’s why it is the perfect age to make them understand the importance of strengthening mental and physical well-being so that they can achieve their goals in the future in the best way possible. 

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