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Surgery that creates a complete face

Plastic surgery ดึงหน้า no matter how beautiful and flawless the eyes, nose, or mouth. But if the basic structure does not accept each other It cannot be said that he is a handsome man and a beautiful woman. Kim Tae Hee or Won Bin One of South Korea’s beautiful young ladies has a square face. The face structure is skewed or not, what will it be? Just think about it and you’ll realize how important the layout is. In the end, the completeness of the face depends on the facial structure itself.

especially in this era A small, well-proportioned face is the basic facial structure of a beautiful woman. Because a beautiful face structure will help drive the face to look dimensional and look balanced with the shape.

Facial contouring surgery such as facial orthopedics or jaw surgery The important thing is the competence and experience of the surgeon and the operator, and it also takes a long time to recover. Surgery will therefore give more satisfactory results than other surgeries.

facial orthopedic surgery

Facial Bone Contouring Surgery is a surgery that cuts the facial bone that has a lot of nerves and blood vessels. It must be operated by a specialized surgeon only. The entire layout will change. Therefore, it requires detailed and systematic planning. Both must consider the suitability of other parts. on the face when the facial structure has changed

1. Square jaw

V-line jaw surgery

It is a surgery to correct the angular shape of the U-line jaw together with the reduction of the chin to make it small and pointed. Cut off the angular corners of both jaws and sharpen the tip of the chin like the letter V (V when the square jaw disappears and the chin becomes sharper. The face will change drastically.

When viewed from the front The results of the surgery will be extremely satisfactory. If two faces are symmetrical, V-line angular jaw surgery together with revision surgery will greatly improve facial contours. If the face is square because the chin is big and short The result will be more obvious, but if the basic jaw surgery alone is not satisfactory because the chin is still large and short, then this revision surgery will make the patient more satisfied.

V-line jaw surgery

Goal : Slender, line face

Surgery method : Cut off the side square jaw while fixing the big and short chin as well.

Surgery result: slender face and small pointed chin, V-line style.

Basic jaw surgery

U-line slender face

Only the square jaw under the ear was removed.

The square jaw disappeared. But the chin didn’t change. The tip of the chin is also rounded and blunt.

V-line jaw surgery

– Enhance the effect of square jaw surgery

In addition to correcting the square jaw, it also corrects the chin to make it smaller and sharper. The shape of the face has changed drastically. Especially when viewed from a straight face, the results are better than basic square jaw surgery. If the patient has a square face Because the chin is wide and blunt, the more effective it will be.

– focus on safety

V-line jaw surgery is a facial bone surgery that has a lot of nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, the operation must be performed by a specialized and experienced surgeon only. Because it is a difficult surgery The face must be analyzed in detail with three-dimensional photographs of Cheetah’s elves first to prevent nerve damage.

-Used for surgery to correct basic square jaw surgery

If the patient is dissatisfied with the results of the basic square jaw surgery because the chin is not included This is a surgical procedure.

Fix that works well It can also perform surgery to correct two faces that are asymmetrical at the same time.

How to get a V-line square jaw surgery

  1. Cut out 3 parts of the jawbone and chin.
  2. Remove the middle bone that makes the chin look big and blunt.
  3. Slide the two sides of the chin bone inward and hold them together. This way, the chin will be slender.

Who is V-line square jaw surgery suitable for?

People who have had basic square jaw surgery but their face shape is not V-line.

a person with a big blunt chin

People with round faces and big jaws

A person with a large jaw and two faces are asymmetrical.

square jaw surgery

Square jaw means the lower jaw is large and angled. make the face square Especially the bones under the ears will make your face look bigger than it really is. In this case, surgery is required. Remove the angle of the jaw. and reduce the size of the jaw as well The face will be slender. To get the best surgery results for the front face. Surgery to reduce the size of the jaw and remove the outer shell of the jaw should also be performed. Jaw reduction surgery is surgery to remove the angle of the lower jaw. to make the face look slender and soft Removing the outer shell of the jaw is removing only the shell. In addition to the three-layered skeletal structure, only one layer was removed. to make the jawbone smaller

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