The Ultimate Lawnmower Maintenance Checklist 

You might plan to buy a new lawnmower if your existing device is worn out. However, new machines having flashy upgrades might not always be under your budget. So the best way to save expenses here is to maintain your lawnmower, so it runs for years. Likewise, cleaning the mower parts, changing the oil and properly storing the lawnmower will make it long-lasting. Moreover, it will also improve the machine’s performance.

So are you curious to know all the maintenance tips? If so, here’s the ultimate lawnmower maintenance guide to get you started.

Replace the Gas and Engine Oil

If your machine isn’t turning on, old gas is probably the culprit. This is because gas stays fresh for only about a month, and after that, it creates moisture and octane build-up. So that’s why you need to replace the gas every 30 days. Also, drain out the device’s gas tank if you don’t plan to use it for a month. Similarly, you need to check if your engine oil is collecting debris; hence, if it’s dark in colour, drain it immediately. Moreover, you need to monitor the oil every 1 to 3 days.

Clean the Spark Plugs and Air Filter 

Dirty spark plugs will prevent your machine from starting properly, and they can also affect the functioning of other parts. So, clean and replace the plugs after every 90-100 hours of use.

Your air filters can also get clogged from accumulated dirt and grime, and it won’t allow the gas to burn properly, so you must clean the filter using soap and water. Besides, ensure it’s completely dried before you re-install it.

So, replace the air filters annually and clean them after every 20-30 hours of operation.

Sharpen the Blades

Keeping the blades sharp will allow your mower to cut grass and weeds easily, and you can use a sharpener and a vice while wearing sturdy gloves. In addition, wear proper eye-protective glasses.

You have to make sure the blades are balanced. Also, remember that an unbalanced blade won’t cut grass evenly and can damage the engine. So, sharpen the blades about two times during the mowing season to ensure the device’s efficiency.

Store the Mower in a Shed

Besides regular maintenance, you also need to store the lawnmower properly. So, keep it under a shed or garage, where it’s cool; it will prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust and debris on the machine. Meanwhile, remember to store the device in a place that’s not too dark. This is because mice and pests live in the dark and can crawl into your device and damage it. You can get more options from Riehl Structures.

Tip: Use strong scents or sprays like citrus or peppermint to keep pests and mice away from your mower. Also, clean the device every time you take it out of the shed.

Tip: Use strong scents or sprays like citrus or peppermint to keep pests and mice away from your mower. Also, clean the device every time you take it out of the shed.

Use Rust-Resistant Paint

Another excellent way to maintain your mower is by frequently changing the paint on it. You can use a fresh coat of paint to keep the device free from rust, and it will protect the external area of the machine and prevent damage.

Meanwhile, make sure to clean the area and rid it of dust particles before you start painting, and always use a clean cloth to remove dirt. Moreover, you can ask a professional to get the paint job done.

If you can’t maintain your lawnmower on your own, you can always check out the instruction manual. It will surely help you clean the machine and the mower parts without damaging anything. Besides, these documents also have the manufacturer’s contact information for you to reach out to them.

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