What are the Benefits of Working with Nano-Influencers?

Influencers are many, and that’s a big reason for new businesses to stay confused in finding the right guy for their upcoming marketing strategy. Every influencer gives eye-candy offers to work with them; however, not everyone is qualified to work with you.

Getting the right (legit) influencer is essential. However, before you find legit influencers for your Marketing Strategy, it’s crucial to know about different types of influencers.

Yes! There are different types of influencers that you can work with.

  • Nano-influencers
  • Micro-influencers
  • Mid-tier influencers
  • Macro-influencers
  • Mega-influencers
  • Celebrities

This category brings a big confusion for newbie influencer marketers who are working hard to find the right influencer.

Let’s start with the basic introduction to nano-influencers:

All new influencers who have followers count between 1K and 5K. It can also be defined as the influencer who has started their influencer journey and has earned small yet potential followers to their budget.

For first-time marketers or small businesses, nano-influencers are highly recommended. There are numerous benefits of working with nano-influencers that are listed below.

Deliver High Engagement Rate:

A high engagement rate is a crucial component of calculating the ROI of any marketing practice. Influencer marketing with nano-influencers will help you gain a high engagement rate compared to other influencer categories.

During the initial days of influencers, they own hard-core followers who deliver a high engagement rate and simultaneously high ROI.

The usual engagement rate of influencers is 4%; however, the engagement rate of nano-influencers on Instagram is nearly 8%, almost double the standard count.

Have Trusted Followers:

Trust is an essential asset of influencers that distinguishes them from others. Followers count doesn’t matter a lot if you have trusted followers. You get a high engagement rate, high traffic, and high sales with trusted followers. In short, working with influencers with trusted followers is more profitable compared to other options.

Nano-influencers work hard to earn followers, which results in getting quality followers. However, with time, the influencers start getting followers based on their popularity. This declines the count of trusted followers and strongly impacts your engagement rate and sales.

100% Niche Oriented Audience:

What audience you own matters a lot when promoting a product/service. Businesses always prefer working with influencers who create content in specific niches. Interestingly, nano-influencers devote their maximum efforts to creating content in a particular niche. This makes them a potential influencer to work for your business and Promote Your Content across various social platforms.

Fit in Your Budget:

Small businesses or first-time marketers prefer investing less in a new marketing plan. Hence, they must choose nano-influencers to analyze the output of influencer marketing and how their efforts deliver ultimately.

Nano-influencers have the least followers count among the influencer categories; hence they will always charge you the least. This gives you the best opportunity to invest less and work with the influencers without hassle.

These benefits are considerable when shortlisting the right and legit influencer for your upcoming marketing strategy. Remember, investing your time in the right influencer selection is crucial to ensure proven outputs.

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