What are Valid Reasons for Filing an Annulment in Alabama?

An annulment is a type of dissolution of marriage whereby the parties involved agree to end their wedding. Basically, this means that the marriage was never valid in the first place and it can be ended with a single act by one or both parties. Annulments are relatively fast and easy to initiate as opposed to divorces, which involve complicated legal proceedings in order for a spouse to separate from their partner on numerous grounds. However, this freedom comes with its own drawbacks. You can Learn more about annulment from a family lawyer in Alabama.

Here are valid reasons for filing an annulment in Alabama.

  • Bigamy

This is the act of getting married while still being married to a previous spouse. In many cases, this occurs when one of the new spouses has been coerced or tricked into marrying someone against their will. In other cases, it could just be the result of carelessness on the part of the new spouse.

  • Underage marriage

This is a type of marriage that can be terminated even without the consent of either party. It occurs when a child is married without notifying their parents first, or if the parent fails to respond to the charges being brought against them. It can also arise in cases where the parties were already married when they came of age and cannot rescind their vows.

  • Mental incapacitation

Commonly known as being “mentally incapable at the time of wedlock,” this is a common situation where one or both partners were mentally impaired at the time of the wedding. Usually, it occurs when one of the partners was under age.

  • Inability to consummate the marriage

This is a common situation where either party to the marriage is physically incapable at the
time of marriage. This can include disability due to old age, or even physical incapacity resulting
from medical or psychiatric conditions.
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  • Intoxication at the time of the marriage

This occurs when one or both partners were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of their marriage. You can get an annulment in Alabama if you were intoxicated when you got married in Alabama. Annulments are relatively easy to get and give a lot of freedom to the individual seeking annulment. 

  • Incest

Incest is illegal and is also an important reason why you can get an annulment. It involves one or both parties engaging in sexual relations with someone related to them by blood, marriage, or adoption.

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