What Should You Check For Before Buying a Moisture Meter?

A moisture meter is a machine used to measure the percentage of water in a substance. It mainly determines if a material is ready to use since it shows if it’s either wet or dry. This article will focus on some factors before buying a moisture meter.

A moisture meter is a machine used to determine the amount of moisture on a particular object. It helps you determine if a material is either too wet or dry enough for use. It is primarily useful when it comes to the inspection of paper products and wood since they tend to be sensitive to moisture.

There are different types of moisture meters in the market today used for various purposes. These are the Wood Moisture Meter, The Grain Moisture meter, and more. Getting the perfect meter for you can be a bit hard, considering vast options. Let this article act as your guide when you are looking to purchase a Moisture meter.


Accuracy is essential when doing readings from your meter. For example, if you are looking to check for moisture on your wood which is to be used for roofing, you want to ensure that you get the perfect results to avoid any future catastrophic losses. Sometimes using cheap meters may be inaccurate, which is not what you want.


The common question asked by many people is if the Moisture meter faulty. Many studies show that the manufacturers sell more pins than the actual meter. This factor is because these pins often get damaged. So you want to consider putting aside some money for replacement pins. You also want to buy a meter with an excellent robust casing that is not easily breakable and vulnerable to dust.

Depth of Reading

When purchasing a wood moisture meter, you want to go for a meter that will give you an in-depth reading. It is because wood dries from the outside in and sometimes leaves the core with moisture.


This feature indicates the reliability of a meter. The meter should be able to show the same results if removed and put back on the same spot quickly. Poor repeat-ability indicates that the meter is of poor quality. This factor affects the moisture meter price in Kenya.


It is imperative to work with a calibrated machine. How do you expect accurate results if you work with a meter that is not calibrated? Getting readings on such a machine is almost impossible, so don’t make that mistake.


The price of the moisture meter depends on the type of machine. And the work you are looking to accomplish with the meter. The price is a factor you should not take for granted because if you go for the cheap meter, you will be frustrated in time. Why is that? Some of these faulty cheap meters will cost you more money for repairs.

However, this does not mean that all the cheap meters are faulty because sometimes the price may be mainly determined by the machine’s function.


When looking for the perfect moisture meter for the job, the factors mentioned above are some of the factors you need to assess.

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