What you should look for when Buying Potato Peelers

The potato peeling device is an essential kitchen tool used in most houses worldwide. It is evident that there is a variety of this particular kitchenware to choose from, such as the electric peeler, swivel, Y peelers, and many more.

This kitchen asset plays a considerable role in our homes and is also used in restaurants to serve customers peeled potato products like fries. This comes as either a simple hand peeler or a complex electric peeler to suit the amount of work.

In this article, we will review different types of peelers and their pros and relatively cons to consider when getting yourself one for an additional amount of work.

Electric peeler

If you are looking towards opening your restaurant and selling maybe fries, you will need a fast and efficient kitchen tool that saves time. That’s where the electric peeler comes in. it also gets rid of the potato eyes in only ten seconds. However, this gadget might shut down when the battery is low while preparing your meal. So the battery is something to look out for.

Y shaped peeler

This peeler has a scalpel-like blade that plays the role of stripping the skin off the potatoes. It is commonly used in homes since it is simple hand-used kitchenware. This gadget is also relatively cheap compared to the electric one but rather slow simultaneously. This factor means the amount of effort put into peeling the potatoes is entirely based on the user’s speed since it is manual.

Swivel peeler

The swivel peeler is famous to most people since it is easy to use. It is also known for its hybrid nature because it is a manual and electric peeler. This peeler has a tight grip and has been designed with a sharp blade, sturdy handle, and base. The only problem with this device is that it is not dishwasher safe and thus can only be hand washed.

Straight peeler

The straight peeler is a manual peeler with blades that can slice through firm potatoes. It also allows you to shred thin slices of the potato, therefore quite helpful when making fries. The downside is that it is restricted to only one path and thus relatively slow and requires patients to get the job done.

Speed peeler

This potato peeler is made of stainless steel metal, with a sharp razor-like blade and a wide grip. The stainless-steel feature makes this a magnificent tool around the kitchen since it is durable and keeps it from turning dull.


These five mentioned potato peelers are not the only ones nor the best ones. They serve the same purpose but in different ways and with totally different features, giving you an added advantage when choosing one that suits you best.

Furthermore, it is essential to familiarize oneself with the variety of devices in the market. This factor will be of importance and help you in making a worthwhile selection. As a result, this article will act as a beneficial reference to any potential buyer.

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