Advantages and disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrency

After conventional business strategies of investing in gold and diamond often sourced by sources like //, cryptocurrencies have the power to fundamentally alter the way that we think about money and call into question the basic validity of established financial systems. But what are cryptocurrencies’ benefits and drawbacks? How do you select one to invest in, or do you decide not to?


Cryptocurrencies were launched for the best human benefits. Millions of people today invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and gain humongous profits. The good aspects of cryptocurrency like significant profits, and transparency keep the users interested in investing more and more. But like all other businesses and strategies, crypto also has a lot of benefits and drawbacks.

  • Risk management

The cryptocurrency was first introduced in 2009. Since then, there have been a lot of new cryptocurrencies all with their specific features and characteristics. Besides that, cryptocurrencies have certain features in common. The thing that funds from cryptocurrencies depend on the most is the prices that the miners demand. Furthermore, the fluctuation of the chain is highly responsible for producing large profits.

  • The cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology is inherently safe

Why cryptocurrencies are considered safe? The answer to this is that the basic system serves to make sure about safety. And this is just the start of the advantages for which cryptocurrencies have gained so much popularity. That is the system called the blockchain, which is a kind of storage for the data. It keeps a track of all transactions. Once a blockchain entry is made, no one can remove it. Additionally, since the blockchain consists of a large network of systems, that no outside source can get access to the chain. This means that the system is secure in every way.

  • Welcome to a financial system that is more fair and open

Cryptocurrency is a large network. This network is a financial system that revolves around third-party intermediaries who process transactions. This implies that you have to trust the other parties with whom you are trying to take up your business. Cryptocurrency simply provides you with a blockchain that is fully safe. From here you are free to invest or make transactions directly without the involvement of any other person.

  • The cryptocurrency market is open 24/7

Cryptocurrency is a vast field. The answer to why more people are interested in it is that it provides you with a vast platform. One of the many benefits that cryptocurrencies provide you is that they are available twenty-four hours a day. Unlike transactions made in banks, you can avail the facility of immediate transactions through cryptocurrencies. The biggest change in the conventional market strategies is that stakeholders are now getting inclined towards getting work done within non-business hours of the day as well. This state has not been prevalent yet but will be seen in the near future. Cryptocurrency proves to be the best source for people who want to work other than business hours.


  • Understanding Cryptocurrency requires time and effort

Although cryptocurrencies are not new, still many people do not know how to use them properly. It requires a good knowledge of digital apps and devices. On the other hand, it might seem interesting but it may be risky to put huge amounts of money into something you do not completely understand. There are countless tutorials online that promise to guide you about it. Also, some people offer short courses for better understanding but it is always recommended to think twice before investing.

  • Investments in cryptocurrencies might be very risky

Cryptocurrencies are highly unpredictable. They reach amazingly new heights in a short time and then fall to great lows. So, where cryptocurrency has a lot of good benefits, it has many drawbacks also. Since Bitcoin majorly relies on speculation and because it has a small size, it is more likely to be affected by price changes. This negatively affects coin value, which is the main weak side of cryptocurrencies.

  • Investment that goes a long way

Cryptocurrencies has gained much popularity in a very short time. People have adapted much to the difference between the two different ways of making money. Besides being highly safe, transparent, and high in demand, cryptocurrency has not been able to replace paper money. It might at some point replace it but in the current era, it is not guaranteed that it will go on for a long time. Many countries have already banned it. So, nobody is sure how long their investments will be profitable.

Security threats can affect cryptocurrency newcomers

Everyone knows that cryptocurrencies do not involve any kind of third party to run their processes. But still, there are things that can make it unsafe. If you are the owner of a cryptocurrency, you are vulnerable to losing the key that holds access to data. Moreover, some people with techniques to harm the data of others can be dangerous for this. People who have good information about these keep their safe side and move carefully. But a person who is new to this may go through losses.

  • Crypto has significant scalability problems

Many people have this in mind cryptocurrencies have the potential to work at an unmatched level. It is true but the fact that they face hindrances that are as big as the convenience they provide. The makers of some famous cryptocurrencies accept the fact and inform that the blockchain works at a certain specified speed. Transactions can be made according to the speed of this blockchain. It results in inconveniences and apart from that, you might suffer hefty financial losses.

For novice investors, cryptocurrencies can be a minefield. It’s a subject that requires some getting used to due to new terminology and sophisticated technologies. Trading cryptocurrencies have advantages and disadvantages, as with anything else, but N26 is here to assist

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