Dazzle yourself with beautiful south indian jewellery: Buy jewellery set online

Buy south jewellery set online at the best prices. When we hear about a South Indian wedding, images of vibrant sarees, classical music, and, of course,  south indian jewellery set immediately come to mind. From necklace and earrings to a Kamar band and bajuband, just easy to guess as to how much gold the bride will be allowed to purchase since there are numerous rituals and the bride must wear a different piece of jewelry at each one. Let’s explore south indian jewellery sets in detail:

1. Mullamottu Mala (Most wanted jewellery set online)

A stunning bride wearing the mullamottu mala, a piece of fine south indian jewellery set, is truly a sight to behold. This necklace holds a special place in the minds of the brides when it comes to carefully choose their South Indian jewellery design for their wedding day, much like a jasmine blossom that breathes its aroma and awakens our senses. The bride can choose how she wants to wear the delicate and soft gold jasmine buds, which are tied together with a lone stone layer set on one side and netting gold work on the other.

2. The Gutta Pusalu Necklace:

This traditional necklace style of South Indian jewellery is a remnant of the Andhra Pradesh past. First off, gutta means “a sandbar of little fish” and pusalu means “beads.” The necklace, which is fringed with clusters of tiny pearls that resemble a school of tiny fish (Gutta), gets its name from the combination of both terms. This gorgeous South Indian jewellery design, which is sure to impress the jewellery connoisseur in you, was created near the historic pearl fisheries along India’s Coromandel coast.

3. Attigai Necklace:

Tamil Nadu is where this South Indian jewellery design originates from. This is ideal for celebrations and wedding events alike. Therefore, this necklace is adored by ladies of all age groups due to its wonderful artwork and one-of-a-kind nature.

4. Beaded Haar

Another stunning piece of pure gold jewellery from South India, this necklace’s Meenakari work adds just the right amount of colour. The bride’s clothing and the rest of her ensemble will suit the necklace’s simplicity. Make sure the smaller necklace you wear with it isn’t too showy to detract from the splendor of the main item. You can wear this look for your smaller wedding events as a solitary piece with lehengas as well as in a combo for the major wedding ceremony. You can easily find this jewellery set online, at the best prices.

5. Meenakari Haar

The central element of this south Indian antique gold jewellery creation is the Persian artistic form Meenakari. Additionally, it wonderfully adds colours to your outfit without coming across as flashy. When worn with plain, minimalist lehengas, it is capable of defining your entire bridal style. Given that the hair isn’t particularly long, you can wear it well with any choker necklace of your choosing. This can be used for the main wedding ceremony as well as all of your ethnic gatherings.

6. Solid Gold Haar

For your jewellery, pick patterns made of real gold. If you plan to wear a traditional saree or anything similarly understated on your wedding day. This keeps the clothing’s sensibility while retaining all of its attractiveness. This south indian necklace design accentuates the bridal saree and goes nicely with all the other layers of necklaces. You are free to choose what embellishments to use. For any of your day Puja celebrations, you can also use this Maharani Haar on its own.

7. Malai

This ancient south indian jewellery sets style has become very trendy and is once again in style. The necklace looks better thanks to the skillfully arranged precious stones. They make the bride appear incredibly flamboyant and ethnic on this important wedding day. This elevates it to the category of greatest South Indian wedding jewellery.

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