How Hovsco Electric Bikes are Environmentally Friendly

Generally, Hovsco has a motive to reduce carbon footprints. You can also become our partner by using Hovsco ebikes. We did not consider age while considering your health, your fitness, your sustainability and your eco-mobility.

HOVSCO has cut off the long queues from the bus stations and railway stations to give a comfortable ride from dawn to dusk or for your intercity commute. There are many options to make a carbon-free environment but the electric bikes are also a huge step toward this mission and HOVSCO is probably taking part very friendly at all levels. Check out more about the products.

After using ebikes regularly you will be confident that you are also contributing to the protection of the environment. Make a habit to use the electric bike rather to use any fuel emission vehicles. If you purchase a car, you will face many expenses like routine maintenance, daily fuel expenses, insurance fee, parking fee and a fear of loss instead of all these worries the Hovsco electric bikes are good for all kinds of commute and other purposes in daily life.

Now the question is how HOVSCO ebikes are environmentally friendly?

Zero Emissions

With the aid of an engine (motor) powered by a lithium-ion battery, you cover the distance very fast than a normal bike. The big challenge of the HOVSCO electric bikes to the trash is that it does not emit any harmful emissions.

The prominent gas emitted by diesel cars is nitric oxide. The harmful fact of nitric oxide is that it damages the respiratory system and about 9,400 people die every year. An electric bike does not emit any fumes, so riding one will contribute to fresher air (especially in urban areas) whilst helping you to get in shape.

A green Ride

The batteries of electric bikes are recharged over and over again with energy from renewable resources. Such bikes are zero emissions and environmentally friendly. HOVSCO offers a variety of ebikes which suits all kind of riding needs. So why not check out HOVAlpha Electric Fat Bike, the world’s lightest and most modest ebike, or check out the HovBeta Foldable fat Tire Bike, the world’s most compact folding electric bike.


In All electric bikes, HOVSCO uses lithium-ion batteries from numerous brands Samsung and LG. Hydrogen cells will develop in nearly future but for the time being, lithium-ion batteries become the most cost-effective, less consumption of renewable energy and are environmental –friendly in spite of fossil fuels.

Charging an electric Bike

Let’s start with a tip regarding charging the HOVSCO electric bike. During the night the consumption of energy reduces, so this is the best time to charge your bike overnight with the effect of excessive power. This energy is more powerful than other harmful fuels. As we know renewable energy is not expensive as it was but let me share another useful tip, if you jump to renewable energy,  you can also charge your electric bikes with solar, tidal energy, wind or hydroelectric.

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