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How to dress to go to the gym?

All the environments in which we evolve have their codes, whether personal, professional, or even sporting. It turns out that when you arrive in a new environment, it is always interesting to be able to apprehend them beforehand. Entering a temple of bodybuilding is no exception! Indeed, once registration for the gym has been launched, it is time to equip yourself accordingly. 

Pants or shorts? Cotton or synthetic? What kind of sneakers to wear? Asics Mexico or something different? For your info, we got it in mind through our own experience, to illustrate the different profiles of athletes, from beginner to advanced, from the arrival in the locker room until the appearance of the small drop of sweat on the forehead!

Even more in a gym than elsewhere, one of the first brakes is undoubtedly the gaze of others. We often tend to devalue ourselves in the face of members who seem to be in better physical shape and know the places like the back of their hand, moving from one machine to another with great ease. If in addition to that, we feel completely out of step because of our outfit, there is a good chance that the annual subscription will never be used. The advice is then the same as for a person who begins to take an interest in fashion. At the start, keep it simple and basic, with no eccentricity! You have to take the time to familiarize yourself with this new environment, without investing in too technical parts that will quickly rise in price and whose usefulness will ultimately be limited for the use that you will make of them.

Even if you are a beginner, there is no question of going to retrieve an old Fruit Of The Loom t-shirt from your closet accompanied by your Sunday jogging and a pair of Stan Smiths for your first day at the gym. Without having to devote a delirious budget to it, the objective is to be able to equip ourselves at a lower cost so that the chosen clothing is not an additional obstacle to the successful completion of our first sessions. It starts with the choice of the t-shirt. Neither too tight nor too wide, you have to feel free to move. We will avoid 100% cotton which will tend to retain heat but also perspiration. We will then favor airy, breathable, and antiperspirant materials (such as Polyamide, Elastane, CoolMax, Lycra, or even Polyester).

For the choice of the bottom, we will leave on the same recommendations by moving rather towards shorts that will stop above the knees. This will allow you to feel more comfortable during any bending without being bothered by the fabric of the garment. At least one pocket that closes with a Velcro or a zipper will be welcome to store your laptop or the locker room padlock keys.

Finally, regarding shoes, it is best to go with a versatile pair if you have to practice several activities. Its use will be exclusively dedicated to its indoor sessions to be able to keep them clean and not wear out the sole prematurely on surfaces such as tar. Mostly in fabric, the fact that it is honeycombed will allow the foot to breathe to facilitate the evacuation of perspiration. The sole must be flexible with a minimum of cushioning. The foot must be well maintained even if it means choosing a model that rises slightly to the ankle if you have to make a lot of movement movements. For its purchases, multi-brand distributors such as Decathlon, Go Sport, Intersport, etc. represent a good option because most develop their range of products at affordable prices.

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