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How To Silk Press My Own Natural Hair At Home

Despite the fact that the finished product for natural hair is smooth and lovely, silk ironing. To get it correctly, though, the process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. In order to avoid running out of time, start early. (HD Lace Wigs)


Wash your hair thoroughly

Earlier than ever, thinking of removing the straightener. Make sure your hair is tidy. As a result, styling will be more streamlined. Pressing silk against freshly washed hair will not produce a softer result. The best shampoos and conditioners for silky curls must clean the hair while boosting volume and providing shine without weighing it down.

For maintaining your hair’s natural curl, moisture is frequently of utmost importance. When they dry, moisturizers like butter and argan oil found in some shampoos and conditioners, however, leave behind greasy smudges. To stop this buildup, use a cleaning shampoo. Due to the residue that Aveda shampoo removes off my hair, I wouldn’t use it.

A gentle conditioner, such as Aveda Shampoo Conditioner, should be used for conditioning. Moreover, after curling her hair, you can spray it with Nourishing Hairspray.


Prepare your hair with styling products

Once the lotion has been removed with water, it is time to shield your hair from heat. Applying a leave-in conditioner to wet hair. Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner is my preferred conditioner since it moisturizes and hydrates hair without weighing it down. Uses pressed items frequently and also gives up. Because they counterbalance one another, it is natural. Justify your preference for the pairing. It firmly holds the hair and bounces back, hence minimizing hair loss. Using a volumizing gel or spray that is thin and watery. (Glueless Wigs)


Dry the hair with a dryer

Those without the best silk ironing machine tend to skip over this procedure. In particular at home. When your hair is damp, you want to straighten and dry it. In the hair, hydrogen bonds will start to form. Furthermore, the hair won’t be as silky as it should be. Four portions should be made in your hair. Following the application of styling products and front hair drying, style your ears. The hairline is where it starts.

Light pressure when blow-drying your hair is another crucial consideration. This technique will help maintain your hair silky, so follow me with your bare hands. It should be warm in the dryer. In the warmest location is the blower. You may pass through the blower more rapidly because of this. Think about how curly your hair is. On the front of your hair, My suggests using a heat-resistant, fine-toothed comb. Utilizing a boar bristle brush is advised for the residual hair.


Straighten your hair

The moment has come to iron your dry hair—an enormous admirer of the Bio Ionic 10x Pro Styling Iron. Wherever you feel most at ease is where I would recommend beginning. For simpler ironing, though, split your hair.” In an effort to hasten the process, it may be tempting to separate your hair. It’s not something I advise, though. A half-inch is the maximum size for the work piece. You will no longer be covered by the press if it is too large. Unable to obtain the desired detail.” assemble the parts. Next, using a straightener, begin at the roots and move your hair in three circular motions. (Deep Wave Wig)



Finish your hairstyle with a varnish spray before finishing your hands. Afterward, massage softly around and beneath the hair. You may extend the life of a product by using less of it.

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