Important Facts you need to know about the submersible water pumps

A submersible pump is a centrifugal pump submerged in a liquid. A motor drives it. These pumps require special and heavy duties cables. If a function uses rotational energy, that then turns into kinetic energy.

These pumps push fluid to the surface, thus making them more efficient than the jet pumps that pull the fluid. This article will discuss other things you need to know about these pumps.

This pump is deeply entirely into the liquid that it is required to pump. These pumps are used in different pumping applications. They consist of a motor and a pump.

Advantages of a submersible pump

  • They don’t have to be primed because they are self-priming. These pumps operate under the surface of the fluid that is being pumped.
  • They are prone to cavitation.
  • There is increased efficiency when positive fluid pressure is at the pump inlet because less energy is required to flow the liquid through the fluid path.
  • They are silent; that is why they are submerged.
  • They are versatile in their uses.
  • You can use the water for irrigation.

Disadvantages of the submersible pump

  • They are not easily accessible for maintenance in suitable deep applications.
  • They are prone to corrosion due to prolonged exposure to liquid of different kinds.
  • The submersible pump price in Kenya is slightly high due to the unique features and the high quality of the water pump.

Applications of the submersible pumps

  1. They are used in the grit and also the wastewater industry
  2. They are also used in sewage treatment
  3. They remove water accumulated in a pit where water can collect.
  4. They are also used to dredge a harbour
  5. Used in wells and boreholes to lift water to the surface
  6. They are used in mines
  7. They are also used in the oil and gas industry

Types of submersible pumps

  1. The centrifugal pumps
  2. The airlift pump
  3. The deep well jet pumps
  4. The submersible hydraulic ram pumps
  5. The helical rotor pumps

Factors to consider when selecting a submersible water pump

  1. The depth of water below the surface
  2. The far at which you want to lift the water
  3. The total pumping lift
  4. The amount of water you require daily
  5. The power method you wish to use for the pumping
  6. The cleanliness of the water
  7. The purpose of pumping the water. You can use it for either domestic or agricultural purposes.

How this pump works

  1. Detecting the presence of water done by the float switch
  2. Operation of the pump motor with the help of the float switch
  3. Drawing water into the pump by the impellers
  4. Water is then forced out submersible water pump price Kenya the pump and away from home by the impellers.

What to consider when selecting and purchasing a submersible pump

  • Look at the old pump; if you are replacing the old pump
  • Choose the correct float switch
  • Check the battery backup system
  • Consider the distance you want to pump water
  • Check the viscosity of the fluid.


The above are some factors you need to know about submersible pumps. Check also about petrol water pumps.

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