The Best Online Casino Bonuses for Arab Players

What is a Casino bonus?
A casino bonus is a gift in the form of an amount of money or free spins that a casino player receives from the online casino.

That sounds good: a gift in the form of money or free spins. But as you know, you have to be careful when something is offered for free and it seems too good to be true.

Types of casino bonuses

There are different types of casino bonuses. Casino bonuses that you get for free or that you receive when you make a deposit. These are the different types of online casino bonuses:

  • Casino welcome bonus
  • Casino deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • High roller bonus
  • Refer-a-friend bonus

Casino welcome bonus

A casino welcome bonus is an amount of money or free spins that you receive as a new player at an online casino.

There are many Online casinos for Arab Players who want to attract new players. The casinos are very similar and often have the same casino games that you can play there. Online casinos are therefore looking for ways to distinguish themselves.

A welcome bonus is a good instrument to attract new players as a casino. There are even players who are always looking for because they love welcome bonuses. These players are also called bonus hunters.

No deposit welcome bonus

There are also casinos that offer a no deposit welcome bonus. Then you only have to register and you will already receive a small play amount or a number of free spins to play with.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a casino bonus that you receive without having to make a deposit. So you receive a free no deposit bonus.

A casino no deposit bonus is also known as a free casino bonus.

To receive a no deposit casino bonus you must be registered with the online casino. That is also the reason that online casinos give away a no deposit bonus. Many people find it attractive to gamble for free.

The reason that the online casino gives this bonus is because it is hoped that you will make a deposit later. Because after registration you will start playing in the online casino and you will probably enjoy playing even more.

And when you run out of free play money, you can decide to deposit real money.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is a bonus that you receive as an existing player of an online casino when you deposit money to gamble online.

A deposit bonus is also known as a casino deposit bonus. You will often receive a message via email that you can use a nice deposit bonus.

When you make a deposit, the casino will for example add 50% or 100% on top.

Why does an online casino give a deposit bonus? This can be for several reasons. One of the reason is that with a deposit bonus, an online casino promotes customer loyalty. The casino wants you to keep playing.

High roller bonus

A high roller bonus is a bonus for players who deposit and play large amounts at an online casino.

You compare an online casino to a sea of ​​fish. Many small fish swim in the sea. In a casino these are the small players. They don’t deposit a lot of money, play with small amounts and provide the casino with small winnings.

However, in addition to many small fish, a few large fish swim in the sea. These casino players deposit large amounts and play with big money, bet a lot and lose a relatively large amount of money (in the longer term).

You understand that an online casino does everything it can to keep these big players (high rollers) as customers.

Refer a friend bonus

At some online casinos you are rewarded when you introduce a friend. When you let a friend register and/or deposit via the online casino, you will receive a Refer-a-friend bonus.

You often do not have to clear that bonus or at least the bonus conditions are very favorable. The casino uses its customers in this way to attract new players.

Casino Games with and without bonus

The bonuses are not always playable on all casino games. Casinos often indicate on which games the bonus can be played. In addition, there is also a difference in the extent to which certain games play through your bonus quickly or slowly. Poker is a popular game for which you can find many bonuses at Arab online casinos.

Bonuses are usually not available on all casino games. Or you can wager the bonus money, but this does not count towards wagering the bonus. As a result, it is not possible to convert the amount into real money. Therefore, always check the terms and conditions to see which games count towards wagering for the bonus. A common distribution is as follows:

  • Slots 100%
  • Table games and live casino games 5%

In addition, there are almost always slots that are excluded from bonuses. These are usually jackpot slots or slots from a particular provider. You will also find this in the terms and conditions of the online casino.

Where do you find the bonuses?

The bonuses of an online casino can be found on the promotions or bonuses page. In general, the bonuses are not difficult to find, because they are a way to attract new players or to bind existing players.  Always read the casino bonus terms and conditions before making a deposit. Pay attention to the number of times you have to play the bonus. The higher it is, the more impossible it becomes for you to take advantage of the bonus.

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