The Future of Argyle pink diamonds.

The famous Argyle mine in Western Australia was producing some of the world’s most valuable and pursued coloured diamonds until November of last year. The Argyle pink diamonds sparkle brighter than the others. At least in terms of profit potential.

Argyle has discovered about 865 million carats of rough diamonds during its 40-year mining history. The famed pink diamonds barely filled two jars with their millions of carats. Pink diamonds account for only one carat in every 100,000.

When considering that Argyle was the world’s leading producer of pink diamonds, producing nearly 90 per cent of the global supply of pink diamonds before it was closed in 2020; this makes one of the reasons why Argyle’s pink diamonds are so valuable. Rio Tinto’s 70-strong rare pink and red diamond tender, dubbed “the legacy gemstones of the future,” drew record-breaking offers.

The diamond comes in various shades of pink. The diamonds are typically cushioned or pear-shaped; a round pink diamond is rare.

An asset that is outperforming the conventional Gold

Argyle pink diamonds are thought to be of the greatest quality in the world, having a distinctive warm pink colour. Because there are currently no alternative sources of pink diamonds to substitute Argyle, these exceptionally valuable jewels can cost up to 50 times the price of a white diamond. As a result, rather than purchasing pink diamonds for luxury jewellery, consumers are making medium- to long-term investments in them.

Australian pink diamonds have outperformed gold, equities, and cash as an asset class, growing in value by an incredible 30 per cent in the last year.

Pink diamonds have increased in value during the previous 10 years, unlike normal diamonds. Argyle pink diamonds have increased in value by 500 per cent since 2000. Because the Argyle mine no longer produces the infamous pink diamonds and no new mines are expected to start producing them anytime soon, costs are projected to skyrocket.

For these reasons, investing in pink diamonds through a broker like Argyle Diamond Investments is a good idea, especially because availability is shrinking and demand increases.

To recognize the potential economic appreciation that Pink Diamonds provide, a pink diamond purchaser is likely to hold on to their investment for at least three to five years. Whatever your motivation for purchasing, one thing is certain: Pink Diamonds are ageless in their beauty and exude a rarity that increases in value with time.

Contact us to learn more about how to include Argyle Pink Diamonds in your portfolio, collection, or jewellery. As usual, check with your adviser for independent investment advice. Remember that buying and selling diamonds is contingent on the appearance of the proper buyer, which can take some time if you wish to sell at all.


With the continuous decline in the supply of Argyle pink diamonds, the demand is increasing as it becomes an asset that everybody wants to acquire. Sadly since the closure of the mine, there are hardly any pink diamonds left. Once viewed as a rare piece of jewellery, it has now become one of the most desired pieces of investment that can be passed down as a family heirloom or just a way to diversify a portfolio that is a healthy option if someone wants to break the norm. This rarity of the pink diamond makes it one of the most desired gems of the future.

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