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Trendy Jackets For Men

Jackets for men are a cherished part of men’s wardrobe. They are the most loved items of men’s winter wear. Jackets for men have remained timeless due to their unique styles and patterns. They are a must-have that you can put on according to your mood, from denim jackets to biker jackets. However, the best jacket for you depends on your energy and persona.

So, before you go on a shopping spree for jackets, know which kind would give you the best look. Below is a complete guide on various types of jackets for men.

Leather jackets for men:

Leather jackets for men have been in fashion for many decades. Jackets made of leather are stylish enough to give you a rugged look. They are nice and comfortable to wear in winter.

Leather jackets for men mostly come in solid colours like black and brown. Style these jackets with only fitted jeans. Wear a black leather jacket with slim-fit jeans and a yellow t-shirt. Try adding a pair of cool, blue sunglasses along with brown shoes if you like to stand out.

Leather jackets have been in the fashion industry for decades and are still known for being uber comfortable and trendy. So, try out this today to amplify your manliness in winter wear.

Denim jackets for men:

Denim jackets have been in the men’s fashion industry since the late 19th century! They are all-time classic jackets that are one of the wardrobe staples for men.

Denim jackets are of light materials like cotton or lycra. They are nice and comfortable for the springtime mostly. It is easy to look casual in a denim jacket. Denim jackets for men mostly come in dark blue and blue wash shades. You can find them in dark indigo and white shades as well.

Go casual in a denim work jacket with a striped t-shirt and loose-fit jeans. Try them with light wash jeans to be more charming.

Bomber jackets for men:

You can opt to lose the charm of a next-door boy to appear touch and wild in a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets, also known as flight jackets, were worn by flight pilots in the early 20th century. Most bomber jackets are made of leather. You can also find bomber jackets made of nylon, polyester, wool and lamb suede.

Get the punk rock look with a bomber jacket and a beanie. Style it with a white t-shirt and tapered jeans to be a teen heart throb.

Biker jackets for men:

As the name suggests, biker jackets are perfect for you to have the ‘biker’ look. They are otherwise known as moto jackets. They give you a reckless and steamy look that has a sensual appeal.

Biker jackets have a snug fit. Wear a biker jacket and white t-shirt to look confident and fashionable. Pair them up with grey sneaker shoes and cool black sunglasses to steam it up a notch!

Jack & Jones has a vivid range of all types of jackets for men. So, start shopping now!

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