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Wear Your Cowboy Hat in Style to Level Your Glam Quotient – The Simple Modern Ways of Styling

Look around the fashion scene, and you will notice that the Y2K style codes are running high! The other aesthetic that has been making rounds beneath the radar for a while is the cowboy-core. Generally, western-inspired clothing once got reserved majorly for Halloween costumes. However, today this trend is making its way back to daily wear.

Most people took note of this when the recent cowboy boot craze started gaining prominence. Right the cowboy hat has become the centerstage of the scene. Also, trend-setting celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner have been wearing this hat in a completely non-ironic way.

Naturally, this has made most women think about the ways in which they can pull off the cowboy hat without appearing as if you are on an audition for a role. There are few ideas that you can put to use. It could be the sun hat for the beach or any other accessory you may wear for a festive ensemble. In this article, we have combined the looks that will cater to most occasions and styles.

1. Dress up for the beach and wear the beads

The cowboy hats are apt for all your summer adventures. However, they also act as a fun accessory along with being a functional beach hat. Today, you can add on a desert-inspired beaded embellishment on a straw cowboy hat. It will help you add an element of playfulness to your entire look. Wear this with your beach dress or a summer midi dress at a beach party, and you will look absolutely adorable. Cover ups are also a smart addition here to complete your look. Together with the cowboy hat it will give you an Instagram-worthy frame.

2. Get your blue jeans

Almost everyone can forget Justin Timberlake and Britney Spear’s double denim moment at the famous 2001 AMAs! People who remember that can go ahead and take inspiration from this popular look by pairing a woven cowboy hat with the trendy denim dress in patchwork along with cowboy boots in retro-heeled. Today, several hat makers have come up with attractive cowboy hats that you can sport with your denim boots. To know more about this, you can check out

3. The concept of edgy leather

You can find an element of grunge in country-style fashion as well. Here you can pair your black cowboy hat with the western leather vest to create the correct balance between the western and edgy look. It will help in creating an ultra-cool and wearable ensemble. You can add more to your look by adding denim cutoffs, fringe boots, and a white tee to get that go-to outfit, which you can wear all day long during the summer.

4. The western chic style

The trendy cowboy hats available today will compliment almost any basics that is present in the closet. It’s an assurance that most fashion designers give you. However, on the other hand, if you want to embrace the country aesthetics, you can pair this hat using a silky-western-inspired blouse. Go ahead and pair it with the best denim cutoffs.

5. Embrace the southern boho style

Some women would want to welcome the soft side of the western style by pairing the cowboy hat with the prairie dress and cowboy boots. To bring an image to your reference, you can think of what Taylor Swift would wear during the 2008 era and sanction the same.

6. Say yes to the festival-ready code

The 2022 Coachella trends became very popular. And if it has taught us anything, then it is that the cowboy hats are getting treated as the brand-new flower crowns. Today, the crystal fringe cowboy hats have become a staple look for most occasions and festive events. No one is mad about it, but people are willing to try this trend. This entire look can appear to be very costume-y within a very less time. Therefore, you need to style it with slightly understated pieces such as booties and a crochet dress.

7. The luxe getaway

The famous designers are making the most of the cowboy hat style wave! It is a statement-making piece that can add a certain degree of chic twist, which you can embrace when you are at vacation. You can style this hat wearing a vibrant sundress along with your pretty sandals.

8. The cow print

One of the hot fashion trends today is cow prints. It fits in perfectly with the western aesthetic. So, pair your one-color chocolate brown cowboy hat with a brown cow print top and low-rise jeans.

These are some of the unique and intelligent ways in which you can style the cowboy hat. It will add a western element to your look and make you get several compliments from your friends and acquaintances.

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