What you Need to Consider When Getting Yourself a Mixer

A dough mixing device is well known for its heavy-duty work since it has a more powerful motor than the planetary mixer. This mixer is used when dealing with tough dough like mandazi, chapatis, buns, and cones, while the planetary mixer deals with light water-like dough.

This article focuses mainly on the mixer, its work, and various selections.

The hospitality industry has been growing immensely due to the need for flour products like cake and bread. Evidently, bakeries have also developed, and many people choose to venture into this arena to earn a living and share their skill set with the community. With all this comes the need to get efficient and powerful machines that can see our businesses through devices like the mixer.

So, when buying one, many factors must be considered, and below are some of the factors;

Motor size

When looking for a commercial mixer, it is important to check out the motor power. Your mixer’s motor will make the workload more manageable and easier to deal with. Also, be aware of heavy sauces and thick batter that may ruin your machine’s engine. Another thing to consider is the wattage of the dough mixer that you want to purchase and the power it consumes.

Counter or floor models

Countertop mixers are relatively smaller than floor models, which are quite large. The small countertop mixers are mostly used at home to perform small batches and whisk eggs, whereas the floor models are used in places such as pizzerias and bakeries.

Bowl size

Mixer bowls come in sizes from 5 to 300 quarts, and anything larger than 20 quarts stays on the floor with the floor model mixers. Moreover, this comes with other features, such as a bowl lift and a tilt-head mixer with a bowl. They are relatively easy to use, but the tilt-head stand mixer is used for single batches, which also come with a glass bowl.

Price range

Depending on the mixer model you need to perform your baking duties and determine the number of people you serve. It is beneficial to note that assessing the device’s price range is important if you plan on making lots of recipes that involve a lot of heavy-duty mixing.


Hand mixers and countertop mixers are used to mix light amounts of dough and batter, but the floor mixers are rather strong, so the weight of the dough is also big. Also, the speed settings on the different mixers should be considered when dealing with the importance of the dough.


There are many reasons why you should carefully select and acquire the perfect mixer for your home, bakery, or pizzeria. The above mentioned are just some things to consider before getting yourself one.

It is important to ensure that you get the right tool and end up making a profit out of it or share your skill set with your family. The information will be of great use when making a worthwhile purchase.

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